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Fundraising by Direct Hope for Bilby CDL

31st May 2023

Sale of Bookmarks @ $10 each to help youths!

Direct Hope (Singapore) is carrying out a fundraising campaign through the sale of bookmarks @ $10 each. We have an approved permit (House to House and Street Collection Exemption) from the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). This campaign is currently ongoing.

Bilby Community Development Limited is the charitable beneficiary for this campaign. They are a fully registered charity and an NCSS member. They are a youth charity that strives to provide youths in Singapore the opportunities to define themselves, and the platforms to develop themselves holistically in a positive environment. They carry out programmes that are designed to cater to the interests of the youths they work with, as well as address their psychosocial and emotional needs, such as: Engagement and Mentoring Programmes, Outreach Events, Interests-Based Workshops (e.g. sports, arts, crafts work, music), Counselling Services and Case Management (where required). You can learn more about them through their website:

The youths in Direct Hope also directly benefit from partcipating in this fundrasing activity. They learn new soft skills such as communiation, teamwork and salesmanship. Interacting with members of the public and communicating with stragers also help to build up the self confidence of many of these youths. Additonally, besides giving them an interesting expercience to occupy their time, activties like these also help to ingrain a sense of social and community responsibility to these youths and leave them with a sense of the positive impact that anyone (including them) can have on the world.

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